Viewer tells meteorologist “get yourself de-fatted”

If you’ve been in journalism longer than three weeks, you’ve gotten your share of rude, inappropriate, or in some cases threatening feedback from your viewers, listeners or readers.

Recently, Carrie Duncan of WLOX in Biloxi received an unwanted critique about her weight from a viewer who encouraged her to get “de-fatted somehow” and told her she was an “embarrassment” to Biloxi and the entire Gulf Coast area. The message is below:

I’m not sure if the person who sent this is off her meds, or is upset because she can’t understand complex words like “barometer” and just felt a need to lash out.

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Seriously though, did you tune in to watch the weather, or did you mistake your local newscast for the Miss America pageant? I’ve never been sure what motivates someone to send messages like this, but if you’re not in the field of journalism, it may surprise you to learn that this type of message is common. It just goes with the league we play in. However, that doesn’t make it right.

Journalists: If you’ve received a particularly outrageous piece of hate mail, send it to me here. As a new feature of this blog, I’ll be occasionally highlighting some of the “amazing” feedback we receive from our audiences.

Hate Mail Richard” by The Central New York Playhouse is licensed under CC BY