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A quick message to comment section trolls

Dear Internet Trolls,

Let’s talk for just a second. I know you like to look at headlines on news stories, and maybe read one paragraph and then go straight on down to the comments section to write one of the following responses:

“Fake news”
“Not true!”

Actually, some of you have gotten even lazier than that and just use the laughing emoji to state your doubt of a news article.

While I generally have a policy of not feeding the trolls, I just wanted to take a moment to address something with you out of concern for your lack of understanding of how news stories work. You’re probably not reading anymore and have already headed to the comments section to do your thing, but let’s just try this.

When a reporter has written a story and you see quotes from official sounding people with titles and degrees affixed to their names, or when you see “according to” before a fact, this means that a journalist has talked to people, culled through legitimate sources of information, and reported their findings in an effort to inform you.

When you respond by just calling the information fake because you don’t like it — without offering any other defense — it makes you look like the type of person who says the Earth is flat. It makes you look like someone who just isn’t interested in learning anything new. You don’t want to be that person do you?

Oh. Oh, you — OK. You think the Earth is flat? Oh, Well, ummm carry on then, I guess? Good talk.

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